WHAT MAKES sTREET pRO 200 SO special?

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Economic Sense

StreetPro 200 makes economic sense. Fast and efficient installation means you invest less upfront. Plus StreetPro 200 means a durable, low-maintenance surface that translates into savings in the long term—creating more than beautiful and practical asphalt or concrete surfaces- actually protecting and extending the life of the pavement as well.


One of the benefits of our coatings versus others (especially membrane-type coatings, and the epoxy they mentioned would likely be of this type), is that our coatings are breathable. This means that, while they don’t allow bulk water to penetrate the asphalt substrate, they do permit moisture to escape out through vapor transfusion. This prevents the type of blow-off that may have caused the peeling failure as described with the epoxy. A delamination failure is challenging to deal with because you don’t want to recoat to a product that is letting go. It is better to have a product that has good adhesion and that can be recoated.

Create beautiful and practical colored asphalt surfaces

StreetPro 200 bonds permanently to asphalt and concrete surfaces and is developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind. Ensuring quality results and enduring beauty for your projects.

StreetPro 200 5 gallon set

Why “Pro”?

–No disruption to occupants


–No delamination failure from moisture in the substrate


–The ability to build layers leads to a balanced cost to wear exposure


–Easy surface renewal because StreetPro 200 wears from the top down


–No premature aging, no loss in flexibility, no cracking and raveling (loss of aggregates), no structural failure in the asphalt


–The high-quality components of StreetPro 200 create non-yellowing, self-cleaning and UV stability


–Excellent self-adhesion allows for easy reapplication to renew and refresh and re-establish protective weather barrier


–Excellent wear resistance equals a longer life span


Mixing Instructions


StreetPro 200 Colorant (sold separately) and Part B to mix pigments and additives that may have separated during shipping and storage.

Add contents

Add contents of StreetPro 200 Colorant and Part B to the 5-gallon /20 liter pail of StreetPro 200 Part A.

Add water

Using the empty 1 quart / .95 liter Part B container; fill to the top with water and also add to Part A.


Mix thoroughly, using the StreetPro 200 Coatings Mixer, of jiffler mixing paddle and high powered drill, for 3 minutes. Properly mixed coating will have no signs of color separation and very small amounts of aggregate settling.

StreetPro 200 gets harder with age.
The longer you wait to introduce traffic, the better it will perform.
施工过程 2

Coverage rate*

Layers Per Unit Per Layer Per Unit Per Layer
Stamped 3 220 660 22.3 66.8
Stamped 4 180 660 16.7 66.8
Flat 3 270 810 25.1 75.2
Flat 4 210 840 19.5 78

*Estimate only. Coverage rates are affected by pattern density and pavement porosity. There will be less coverage with the first layer and higher coverage with subsequent layers