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For years, we found that to get asphalt coatings to perform under varied conditions requires a unique balance of properties.


Not having the right mix would result in reduced or failed product performance. It means extra and unnecessary costs.


StreetPro 200 coatings are uniquely formulated balanced interdependent elements for superior with asphalt and concrete in all wall weather conditions.

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Important FAQ’s

Will the coating not trap the moisture in the asphalt and cause problems when heat and evaporation take place?

StreetBond’s breathability prevents coating “blow-off” that can occur with membrane-type coatings.

How do StreetPro 200 coatings differ from polyurethane and epoxy coatings?

StreetPro 200 is different from typical polyurethane or epoxy coatings that are membrane-type coatings that don’t breathe. It can lead to delamination failures over time, where large areas peel off. The problem with this is that it is very difficult to repair since applying a new coating to a surface that is failing will not prevent the failure from continuing. Our StreetPro 200 is breathable and has excellent adhesion, which means that they don’t delaminate and can be recoated if necessary.

What is the build thickness for StreetPro 200 and how can you extend the life of the coating?

Our average build thickness is about 0.5 mm with 4 passes. This is what we recommend for traffic bearing applications. It would be smart to apply additional thickness in areas where you expect more wear. This could be the turning areas or even the wheel paths since that is where the wear will be greatest.

Can StreetPro 200 be recycled with the asphalt?

StreetPro 200 is very safe for the environment. It is a water-based coating and has very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels. The VOC levels are reported as only 33.7 g/l. The strictest VOC requirements (California) allow 100 g/l. Street Pro 200 can be recycled with the asphalt.

What surface is best be suited for StreetPro 200?

Stable asphalt and concrete, maybe metal as well. For asphalt, we generally suggest Marshall Stability of 10kN.